Friday, October 22, 2010

Staying awake!

Getting sleep can be tough. Here are some tips I use stay awake through the day:

1. Coffee. I am a bit of coffee fiend. I drink about a pot a day and keep my coffee pot with me in the car. This is partly because I'm not a fan of the battery acid they serve at work.

Since I've become somewhat of an addict, I think I developed somewhat a tolerance.  So usually I'll take breaks. When the weekend hits,  I'll only drink if  a) I'm really sleepy or b) if someone else wants coffee. Either way, I limit my coffee on the weekend so come Monday I'll feel the effects more. 

2. Music. Luckily, I have a job that let's me listen to my iPod.  Now, you have to be careful with this. You would think loud and fast would be the way to go.  But I've noticed, if I start off loud and fast I get worn out as day goes on. So I suggest this; start off with something mellow but upbeat and work yourself into the loud and heavy music as the day goes on.

3. Get up and walk around.  If you find yourself dosing off, it's time to get up and get the blood pumping.  Sometimes I will get up and walk to the kitchen for a drink even if I'm not thirsty.

4. This is probably most important: Stay Busy! The minute you start slowing down, the sleepies will catch up to you!

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