Monday, October 4, 2010

Mother of Twins - Jeep liberty walkers and our dog

Our dog has taken it onto himself to watch over our boys. The boys have two jeep liberty walkers that they love to play in. Currently they mainly move backwards and beep the horn, but they love every minute in there walkers. I can only imagine the chaos that is going to ensue when Jasper and Jacob start chasing our dog Ace or our Cat Tino around the living room.
Every milestone is so exciting, but with each milestone my days seem to get stretched a little thiner. I can't wait until the milestones start making life a little simpler; sleeping through the night, holding their on bottle, eating real food, and when they can tell me what is wrong rather than scream until I figure it out. I will miss the all night cuddle sessions, but I think a few sweet dreams may ease my pain.

What milestones made your life a little easier and when did your baby reach the milestone?

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