Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rice Cereal yum!

Last Saturday the boys had their first dose rice cereal. It seemed to go pretty well. Jacob seemed to get the hang of it pretty fast. I fed Jacob and Joy fed Jasper. Joy got the video camera out. I think we got some good shots of them eating. I got Joy holding Jasper and feeding and I put the camera on the highchair table when I fed Jacob.

Tuesday I got to spend some good play time with the boys after work. They were both awake. I put them in their jeeps and sat on the floor with them and our dog Ace. They have gotten really good at moving backwards. Jacob kept moving from the living room to down the hallway with the bedrooms. He was so excited. Jasper stood still playing with the buttons on the jeep. Eventually he started jumping and moving back. He kept running backwards into the dining room.

The next few nights, Jasper has been staying up late. Jacob has been doing really good about going to sleep around 10. Jasper has been staying up till about 3 or so.

I've tried to be more chill at night in hopes that he would get on s better sleep schedule. We'd hang out in the boys room, rock on the rocking chair, and watch movies.

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